p for paradox.

"I'M SIGNIFICANT!!!…screamed the dust speck."

strange bed-fellows

I visited Sunday Scribblings after a bit of a break, and must say, am glad I did! Beautiful prompt! While writing The Tempest, Shakespeare wouldn’t have thought that centuries later,an amateur like me will be writing about this term! 🙂


what is the strangest thing? he asked
when paradoxes become compatible, I said
like in a soft sunset
the sun and the sky in a duet
the blue wooing the yellow
yes, these are strange bed fellows


but is there something stranger?
well, yes there is
when beauty is killed by gun
when many run and others stay mum
when life is deep but death is shallow
the past and the future become strange bed fellows.


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2 thoughts on “strange bed-fellows

  1. Wonderful. Just as strange as the couplets in the sky, who only follow the law of the universe, are our own written in pen. Yes, the silence and the ones that run, proof that passion is lame and death easily won. Very lovely

  2. Whew! Breathtaking. “when many run and others stay mum”, really hits me upside the head. Great poem of strange bedfellows – when death can be so shallow.

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