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Despicable words.

1. idiosyncrasies

can make or break a relationship. Can make and break the same relationship. These are weaknesses which symbolize selfishness. Makes you realise your behaviour is your own baggage. Patience is such an external phenomenon. The turmoil that boils inside is what characterizes you.

2. priority

is such an illusion. A curse. Distorts everything. It’s like telling everybody, come mess with me. Because you build it up based on your past and rest it on the future.

3. compromise

is the nemesis of courage. There is a rather thin line between the two. Just like that thread between ‘Let it be’ and ‘Giving up’. If we don’t understand this, we can’t keep moving.

Over time, how you change yourself, is your decree. your truth, your triumph. How you change others, is your sin. There is nothing like a right or wrong, it all comes down to perspective. Maybe a level deeper, it all comes down to doubt. And that brings about restlessness – the trigger of all failures. And achievements. Yes, maybe at times it takes a lot of distance to get a third person’s view for your own self. And then it hits you that all those who wander are in fact lost. Wonderfully lost. And you know what, ironically, Pain is the most positive message among all these. Because it wakes us up in a way no alarm clock ever can.

#Learnings of the free shadow.


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