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strange bed-fellows

I visited Sunday Scribblings after a bit of a break, and must say, am glad I did! Beautiful prompt! While writing The Tempest, Shakespeare wouldn’t have thought that centuries later,an amateur like me will be writing about this term! 🙂


what is the strangest thing? he asked
when paradoxes become compatible, I said
like in a soft sunset
the sun and the sky in a duet
the blue wooing the yellow
yes, these are strange bed fellows


but is there something stranger?
well, yes there is
when beauty is killed by gun
when many run and others stay mum
when life is deep but death is shallow
the past and the future become strange bed fellows.


just one wish, eh?

they say don’t think much
but tell me,
how would I wish if I did not think
and how could I have just one wish
it alters with every blink

but still I wonder
if I could have just one…
I wish I was the camera
capturing life in an era
creating experiences
with the crowd and without
zoomed in and zoomed out.

but I think more
and if it was only one I had
I wish I was the coffee mug
the best perk next to a morning hug
letting you open your eyes
to the beautiful bundle of bliss
this place called Earth is

but I have to dig harder
because its only one that I have
and I wish I was the bookrack
like years of travel in a rucksack
holding a zillion pounds of wisdom
and tales and fables
a learning that only change is stable

and then I see outside
and the inner voice reminds me I could have just one…
so I wish I could be that snow flake
falling and flowing just for existence sake
at so much peace with itself
all delicate and light
embracing the loop of life in the purity of white.

Encouraged by the prompt ‘If I could have just one wish’

that couch at the Barista

Mat is my childhood friend who lives practically at the end of my street back in Country. So while passing by, she would end up ringing the bell and by default we would walk to the Barista less than half a km away. It was like I would know its her, and even before opening the door, I would change into anything else, better or worse than what I was already wearing and cruise out. But this time I got an sms from her to meet there directly as she was coming straight from her office.

So I was waiting at the same couch at the Barista. The couch which was like Forgiveness. Just deserved, not demanded. The same couch where Mat and I would sit for hours and chat or unchat, depending on the mood you see. It was located right under the corner camera which, i do not know till date, even recorded anything in the first place. But we would be like this enthralled audience watching the world navigate from one time zone to another.
As I settled myself at ease, crinkling the paper tissue in my hand, the regular barista behind the counter realises I am waiting for my company. So he gets me the ‘usual’. We sometimes were lucky to be served. In a self-service place? Wow, the little pleasures of life!

It was a normal evening. Various species of couples with the typical three options of expressions.
First, when they are both looking into each others eyes and give a damn to the latte sitting just next to them, demanding the tasty attention, but ignored. Disrespectful, I say.
Second, when they are both looking at totally different things. The guy’s eyeballs taking a detour at the chick behind the counter and the lady’s eyeballs navigating vehemently at a trendy hidesign purse relaxing at the other corner of the cafe. No, the Louis Vuitton types did not really come to that cafe. And well, boring situation I say.
Third, when both of them are looking at the same thing, together. Maybe at the crossword in the newspaper or the malnourished kid polishing shoes outside the Barista. True love, I say.

Anyways, so I get a bit restless now waiting for my true coffee buddy. Its pretty much simple. The foundation of our friendship was the love of coffee (and well, the disastrous attempts at morning jog). But it grew stronger as we mutually started demanding the company of the coffee connoisseur in each of us. Don’t get me wrong. We are ‘just friends’, with our respective love lives in parallel universe, which could be one of the topics of conversation at the couch, only if we were done with our plans of starting our own cafe, or traveling the world or well, trying out that new kebab place.

Waiting in premonition, I look at the watch and realize its been almost 7 minutes past our rendezvous time. So I get impatient enough to call her. Surprise surprise! The message I received from her today was actually a day old. Thanks to the pathetic ‘express yourself’ telecom network, it reached its destination (read me) almost 24 hours late. Mat and I started giggling on the phone as our voices crinkled. And because I had not replied a day before, she had done what I was doing here today.

Exploiting the license to have another cuppa koffie, with oneself.

Encouraged by Three Word Wednesday

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