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strange bed-fellows

I visited Sunday Scribblings after a bit of a break, and must say, am glad I did! Beautiful prompt! While writing The Tempest, Shakespeare wouldn’t have thought that centuries later,an amateur like me will be writing about this term! 🙂


what is the strangest thing? he asked
when paradoxes become compatible, I said
like in a soft sunset
the sun and the sky in a duet
the blue wooing the yellow
yes, these are strange bed fellows


but is there something stranger?
well, yes there is
when beauty is killed by gun
when many run and others stay mum
when life is deep but death is shallow
the past and the future become strange bed fellows.



guess what we were all born as
mirror mirror
pieces of mirror
like parts of a larger jigsaw
reflect light
of all possible colors but white
onto our friend mirrors
to give back an image
what we want to look like
knowing very well
true us and the mirage ain’t alike.`


Encouraged by the prompt ‘Reflect’ @ Sunday ScribblingS!


…on the history of honesty.

Was honesty about saying the most candor things, or just not remembering the lies?
Was it about feelings, or about scoring?
Was it about the convulsion of candidness, or finding loopholes in lies?
Was it about integrity, or honor?
Was it about following the rules, or breaking them if you thought they were misleading?
Was it about being blunt, or sweet?
Was it about the benchmark of a loyal lover, or that of a kosher king?
Was it about virtue, or vice?
Was it about not lying, or not deceiving?

Was it, all along, about how honest you are with those blood cells zooming inside you, or what those people think about you?

Few days back, I read somewhere that we are living in what is called as the ‘post-truth’ era. Humanity is ignoring honesty like an old software on the pc. But how was it back then? When I wasn’t born? The time when my grandparents hadn’t even met each other. Was honesty as (un)habitual as it is now? Or maybe, the distinction between truths and tales just got dazed.

Because, as Winsty put it, it is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right!


Encouraged by the prompt ‘Honest’ @ Sunday ScribblingS!


it’s art. it’s acumen. it’s adventure. and the adventure is not in knowing the place, but the new me when i return from that place. i may be a totally edited version, or a lucid form of me. but i want to be an authentic one, whichever way it is.

i want to experience the magnetism, not the glamour.

i want to encounter the emotions, not the expressions.

i want to endure the fear, not the chaos.

i want to elude the map, not the identity.

and so the search began, for a new adventure. a new place. a new me.


Encouraged by the prompt ‘Search’ @ Sunday ScribblingS!

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