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"I'M SIGNIFICANT!!!…screamed the dust speck."

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just one wish, eh?

they say don’t think much
but tell me,
how would I wish if I did not think
and how could I have just one wish
it alters with every blink

but still I wonder
if I could have just one…
I wish I was the camera
capturing life in an era
creating experiences
with the crowd and without
zoomed in and zoomed out.

but I think more
and if it was only one I had
I wish I was the coffee mug
the best perk next to a morning hug
letting you open your eyes
to the beautiful bundle of bliss
this place called Earth is

but I have to dig harder
because its only one that I have
and I wish I was the bookrack
like years of travel in a rucksack
holding a zillion pounds of wisdom
and tales and fables
a learning that only change is stable

and then I see outside
and the inner voice reminds me I could have just one…
so I wish I could be that snow flake
falling and flowing just for existence sake
at so much peace with itself
all delicate and light
embracing the loop of life in the purity of white.

Encouraged by the prompt ‘If I could have just one wish’



doooo bee doo bee doo
yeah yeah I see you
with a beer in one hand
and your fate in another
grains of slipping sand
sitting alone totally concealed
but hey
you move with the beat in a funny way
like that scarecrow in a windy field

la la la la la
never say Hasta Manana
├žos tomorrow is not there yet
life is all about today,
placing in this moment, a risky bet!
So drink with me to days gone by
hey you
yes I am talking to you
stop treating yourself like a house fly

yes I believe you can sing
life is a karaoke night
the lyrics are right in front Read more…

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