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When it grows on you, it helps you grow.


duh, Music.

It’s funny when it doesn’t get dark even until eleven at night and your comrades are an online playlist and a magazine. Sometimes, insomnia can be literally, an eye-opener. And if you do keep your eyes (and ears) open, you can rediscover a song, its expression, its music, and in turn, yourself. Yes, you have met all of them before, and you thought you knew them all. But for the ability of the symphonies to prove you wrong.

Music is surprise. You can listen to that one song a million times and yet find a new beat every time. A drum beat, or a heart beat. It doesn’t really matter, it is all the same family.

I usually end up looking at the lyrics of a song if I like its music. Just to be sure that I understand it correctly. And of course there is always a line or two in every song that you just don’t get. I don’t get.

Music is a healer, better than time. Much better than indifference. There are times when I try to turn my back to despair and withdraw. But beautiful music can help you face it up so strongly. When the strings of the guitar strum their way through in harmony, there is an exclamation mark after every breath. The sigh changes to a giggle and the frown converts to insight.

Music is truth. If you can face the music, you can face it all.Yes, it’s not all happy-go-lucky all the time. Music, after all, is not a joker. There are songs that can rip you apart, force you into oblivion & doubt as your emotions explode. There are songs I know if I hear I am inviting mental blankness. But I still listen to them. They are part of my favorites. The point is, as these rhythms and the meanings grow on you, you know at a moment how exactly you want to feel. What exactly you want to hear.

I am sure you know what I mean. Or you will.

Music is motivation. I don’t wonder at the creation of good symphony. Small bands, big bands, boy bands, no bands, solo composers, what not! What I wonder about is how we are not inspired by such energy all around. It would be so unfortunate that we didn’t hear a touching composition just because no one told us about it! Maybe there is so much of it encompassing us that it becomes part of our background noise. If that happens, you need the silence of 4 am. Just you and zero distractions.

Music is a good listener. With such heavenly applications all around us today, it feels like a genie is sitting out there and asking you  intermittently -“So, what should I play next, master? What does your mood seem like?”  And there you go! A song that you think was composed keeping you in mind! Such a companion!

I am no musician. I don’t know any technicalities that go into weaving out the most beautiful of melodies. And It shouldn’t matter. Because music cannot be a science. It cannot be just about the beat, or about the lyrics, or about the voice. It is about all this coming together in unison and much much more. I can’t judge music. I just want to keep it on. If I don’t like one song, maybe I will give it another try or maybe I wont. But the playlist shouldn’t end.




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